Rights of Residents

1. Right to voluntary participation
Each resident’s participation shall be voluntary and they shall be provided information to make an informed choice of participating and accepting services.

2. Right to practice own religion
Every resident is free to practice his/her own religion, without disturbing other residents

3. Right to medical care provided by A1 Snehanjali
Every resident has the right to have private communications and consultations with physicians of their choice and of A1 Snehanjali / Silver Innings, as per terms and condition of A1 Snehanjali

4. Right to present grievances by residents and family
Every resident, plus family will have the right to express grievances if any to the centre manager for redress

5. Right to confidentiality in treatment
Every resident has the right to confidentiality, privacy and treatment.

6. Right to receive needs based services
If required, every resident has the right to need based assessment when required. Additional costs would be provided by the family / guardian / self.

7. Right to dignity
Every resident has the right to live respectively and enjoy a dignified life.

8. Right to have family visit
Every resident shall have the right to receive visits from family members and other adults as per the terms and conditions of A1 Snehanjali.

9. Responsibility to respect personal rights and privacy
Every resident shall follow all the rules of the home and will respect the rights and property of other residents.