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What is Snehanjali Care?

The power of loving touch has proved to have calming effect on seniors and decreases the need for psychiatric medication. 

What is Dementia Care?

We have trained our staff at A1 Snehanjali, to provide care for persons challenged with dementia. This involves redirection, engagement, stimulation

What is Parkinson’s Care?

Seniors with Parkinson’s disease will undergo a range of motion exercises daily to prevent contractures and maintain their mobility.

What Social Services will be available?

Silver Innings TM is well known for linking seniors with available community resources based on needs.

What Nutrition will be provided?

A1 Snehanjali understands the importance of nutrition. It has direct impact on health, socialization and well-being of seniors. A healthy, nutritious, vegetarian low

Rights of Residents

Each resident’s participation shall be voluntary and they shall be provided information to make an informed choice of participating and accepting services.